Winter 2019 Kids Drawing Classes Materials List

This materials list is intended for students in my winter 2019 kids’ drawing lessons.  For your convenience, these are the most cost-effective options I could find for you.

If you’d prefer to go to the store to buy the materials rather than order online, I would recommend Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster, CA. They will have everything on this list.  You might also find comparable items at Michael’s.

If you’d prefer to order online, these are all linked to Amazon (and are Amazon Prime eligible). Note that in all cases I found you the most cost-effective options that I have personally used and would use again, except where otherwise noted. Full disclosure, I get small commissions based on sales from these links, but you don’t pay anything more for using them.


  1. Graphite and charcoal pencil set: This set is for black and white drawing.  It includes an exacto knife to sharpen the pencils, so, depending on the age of your child, you might want to take it out.You can pick up the pencil set here.
  2. Here’s a mixed-media drawing pad. The mixed media paper is heavier and won’t bleed through as easily when we use the watercolor pencils. This drawing pad seemed to be the best deal I could find for quality and number of pages. If you get something else, make sure it’s thicker paper (over 90lb should suffice).Get a mixed media drawing pad here.
  3. Here’s a set of watercolor pencils.  You use them like regular colored pencils, but then you can use a brush and water to blend them out and get them to act like watercolors.  This will allow us to use color in a way that’s easier to manage for the kids than oil paints (which I teach with the adults).Here’s a link to the watercolor pencil set.
  4. Also, you will want to send your child with a paint brush and a small jar half-full of water.  This is for when we use the watercolor pencils.