Winter 2019 Adult Drawing and Painting Classes–IRVINE

Visual art of any sort can be distilled down to lines, values (light and dark), colors, and edges (how sharp or blurry the brush strokes are). I base my teaching around these 4 concepts. In this 12-week class, we will spend each session focusing on one or more of these topics. We will cover core concepts, tips, and tricks to help you learn to apply these concepts to your art. While my expertise is in oil painting, if you prefer some other media (watercolor, drawing, etc) you are welcome to do that instead. My techniques can be applied to any media. Some days we will work on specific exercises together and other days you will be working from photo references you bring, or you can use my photo references.

If you took my fall 2018 semester, this will be a similar syllabus but with more emphasis on practicing our drawing skills as well, by doing 3-value sketches before we start painting.  That will help reinforce the drawing skills and also work out the patterns of light and dark in your composition before starting to paint.  I will be using some of the same reference photos and some different ones, but I always welcome your input on the subject matter and I’m always happy to guide independent study on the day’s topic, so I will work with you to find alternate references if you’d like.

Dates and Times:   Sundays from 1-4pm, from January 13, 2019 to April 21, 2019, skipping 1/20, 3/31, and 4/7 due to school vacations likely to conflict for people.

Location:   Dave’s home studio in UHills (address provided after registration). Only 7 seats per class are available, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate.

Price:  The 12-week session rate is $399, or $45 per 3-hour session for drop-ins.  The 12-week session rate represents a $141 savings over the drop-in rate for those 36 hours worth of classes.  Also it encourages you to commit to some “me time” and set aside time each week for painting, which is priceless.  🙂  Course fees do not include materials. See the following section for details.

Materials :  The materials list for the course is here. The good news is I use a simplified color palette, so you’ll only need 4 colors plus white and black. Required materials will include paints, brushes, oil painting medium, and canvases or panels. I will provide table-top easels, but if you would like to buy your own stand-up easel, I can make some recommendations there as well. You can either buy your own materials or use mine with a materials fee of $15/class. I highly recommend getting your own materials, though, as it will allow you to practice at home in between classes.

How to sign up:

To sign up for the 12-week adults’ session… Now that we’re half way through the session, it’s cheaper to do individual weeks.
Optional: Add 12 weeks of materials fees (If you would prefer not to buy the stuff in the materials list). N/A
Alternatively, to sign up for individual weeks on a drop-in basis…
Class Date (mm/dd/yy) Concepts Covered Add Class To Cart Optional Materials Fee
Week 1: Drawing in 3 Dimensions 01/13/19 Line, Value, Edges N/A–date has passed.
Week 2: Color Theory, Color Mixing, Painting in Color 01/27/19 Value, Color N/A–date has passed.
Week 3: Perspective Drawing 02/03/19 Line,Value N/A–date has passed.
Week 4: Atmospheric Perspective 02/10/19 Value, Color N/A–date has passed.
Week 5: Edges & Brushwork 02/17/19 Edges N/A–date has passed.
Week 6: Composition 02/24/19 Line, Value N/A–date has passed.
Week 7: Connect Your Darks 03/03/19 Value, Color N/A–date has passed.
Week 8: Applied Specifics–Trees 03/10/19 Line, Value, Color, Edges N/A–date has passed.
Week 9: Applied Specifics–Rocks 03/17/19 Line, Value, Color, Edges N/A–date has passed.
Week 10: Putting It All Together (guided independent projects) 03/24/19 Line, Value, Color, Edges N/A–date has passed.
Week 11: Putting It All Together (guided independent projects) 04/14/19 Line, Value, Color, Edges
Week 12: Putting It All Together (guided independent projects) 04/21/19 Line, Value, Color, Edges