Hello all!

I’m really excited about the upcoming changes in the structure of my art lessons. Previously I was working from a 12-week syllabus that made it hard for people to jump in when they wanted. I’m reworking my course offerings to make them self-paced and age-appropriate for each grade K-12 as well as adults. I’ve identified some great materials that will allow me to focus on lessons more closely tailored to each student’s individual needs. I will also focus more on the following “soft skills” that are applicable not only to art lessons, but more broadly across other areas of life:

The “Studio Habits of Mind”*
Develop Craft Technique: Learning to use the tools, materials, and artistic conventions.
Studio Practice: Taking care of tools, materials, works, and space.
Engage & Persist Finding personally meaningful projects and sticking to them.
Envision Imagining new artworks and steps to bring them to life.
Express Making works that convey personal meaning and interpreting meaning in the works of others.
Observe Looking closely and noticing.
Reflect Question & Explain: Talking about students’ work and working processes.
Evaluate: Talking about what works well, what does not, and why, in works by self and others.
Stretch & Explore Playing, trying new things, making mistakes, and learning from them.
Understand Art Worlds Domain: Learning about what artists make.
Communities: Learning to collaborate and understanding that artists often work in groups.

* from “Studio Thinking from the Start,” Hogan, Hetland, Jaquith, Winner, 2018.

Since it’s self-paced, you can come any time we have class, however often you want (and not worry about skipping classes for your summer trips)! I’m going to offer classes at every time slot when we’ve got a critical mass of people interested. If you’d like to give me your feedback on when might work best for your family, take my survey here.

At $15/hour/student, it’s cheaper than quality sitting! You can drop off your kids and have some “you time.” Also, to make it more flexible and save you money, I’m offering 10% off 20-hour blocks that you can share with your whole family. Want to come to some lessons and participate but mostly have your kids use the hours? That works. Have 2 kids and you’re not sure if one of them will stick with it? The other can use the rest of the hours. If you come and participate with your kids, they’ll be assigned their age-appropriate exercises and you can be assigned your age- and skill-level-appropriate excercise in your chosen medium.

Speaking of media, I specialize in oils, but I will have lesson plans available for drawing, watercolors, acrylics, and oils. Pick your path! Also, if you’re not sure you want to invest in your own materials, I will provide materials for you for a minimal materials fee.

If this sounds interesting to you, head over and take the schedule survey. That way I can make sure to pick some times that work for you. I will open up registration for classes once I know which dates and times I will be offering and let you know when it’s ready!

Let me know which times work for you!