Hello all!

I’ve opened up the sign-ups for my fall adult and family art lessons.  What does “adult and family” mean?  Usually if I gear a lesson toward younger kids it’s 2 hours long, and adults are 3 hours long.  If your child is comfortable joining us for a 3-hour session once a week then I’d love to have them join us.  I thought about calling it “adult and teen” but I didn’t want to exclude.  I will leave it up to the parents’ judgement.  If they are on the younger side then I’d request that the parent sign up and join us, too, in case they need extra assistance.

This sign-up is for a 12-week session with a 3-hour class each week.  Here are the details:

Location: TBD. It will either be in Dave’s home studio in UHills or in the ICHA building. Only 6 slots are available for Dave’s home studio. If we get more than 6 signing up for the 12-week session, we will meet in the ICHA building. Drop-ins don’t need to sign up here in advance for the whole session. However, space is limited so drop-in participation would be limited to remaining seats in whichever venue we choose.

Time: Sunday afternoons from 1 to 4, from September 9, 2018 to December 2, 2018 skipping November 25th since it’s on Thanksgiving weekend.

Course Description:  Visual art of any sort can be distilled down to lines, values (light and dark), colors, and edges (how sharp or blurry the brush strokes are). I base my teaching around these 4 concepts. In this 12-week class, we will spend each session focusing on one or more of these topics. We will cover core concepts, tips, and tricks to help you learn to apply these concepts to your art. While my expertise is in oil painting, if you prefer some other media (watercolor, drawing, etc) you are welcome to do that instead. My techniques can be applied to any media. If you take advantage of my provided materials, I am providing oils.  Some days we will work on specific exercises together and other days you will be working from photo references you bring, or you can use my photo references.

Price:  The 12-week session rate is $399, or $45 per 3-hour session for drop-ins.  The 12-week session rate represents a $141 savings over the drop-in rate for those 36 hours worth of classes.  Also it encourages you to commit to some “me time” and set aside time each week for painting, which is priceless.  🙂 

Materials :  I will send a recommended list of materials to those who sign up. I have a relatively specific recommended color palette, so please wait for the list before buying paints. The good news is I use a simplified color palette, so you’ll only need 4 colors plus white and black. Required materials will include paints, brushes, oil painting medium, and canvases or panels. I will provide table-top easels, but if you would like to buy your own easel, I can make some recommendations there as well. You can either buy your own materials or use mine with a materials fee of $15/class. I highly recommend getting your own materials, though, as it will allow you to practice at home in between classes.