Hello all!

I’m offering self-paced, come-when-you-want art classes at my home studio in UHills this summer!

Classes will start the week of Monday, June 10, 2019 (after Irvine public schools let out). In order to best serve the community, I’d like to get your feedback on any and all of the times below that might work for you. I really appreciate your feedback and I’m going to schedule classes for as many time slots as we have a critical mass of people interested.

The pricing will be $15/student/hour in 2 hour blocks. I’m also offering a 10% discount on 20-hour blocks that you can share with your whole family. I want to make this as flexible and easy as possible for people.

Please check the boxes for whether your family is interested in adult lessons, kids’ lessons, or both. Also please check the boxes for all of the time slots that might fit your schedule. Note that there’s NO commitment at this time, and NO commitment to do all the time slots you check. I’m just trying to figure out which times work best for the greatest number of people.

If you’d like more information about my new, reworked lesson plans and the goals of my instruction, check out this other blog post.

Dave Thibault
[email protected]
949-667-4ART (4278)
Feel free to call or email if you have questions.


Let me know...I'll answer questions asap.