Hello all,

If you got an email requesting to come do this survey, it’s because you previously expressed an interest in adult art lessons with me.  I really appreciate your interest!

I’m following up to try to refine the course offering based on the responses I got.  Overall, there were 16 people responding that they were interested in progressive adult lessons.  I’m excited to get going, but I wanted to share some details about how the lessons might be structured in terms of duration, frequency, syllabus, etc.

One guiding principle I’m trying to stick to is allowing people to either drop in or to commit to longer-term lessons.  To achieve that, I’ve come up with some options that I hope will work for the most people.

  1. I’ve come up with a 12-week course.  The course will be structured so that each lesson can stand alone (so a drop-in would find value in the class) but also be part of a larger whole, so people in the 12-week course will continue to grow.  It will involve some drawing in the beginning to discuss line, value, and how to represent objects 3-dimensionally, but will then switch to oil painting.  If you’d like to stick with drawing or do acrylic or watercolors instead of oils, you are welcome to join us as well, but my expertise is in oils.  Also, if you’re more of an abstract person than a landscape person, then that’s OK, too.  The principles I will teach will be useful regardless of subject matter.
  2. Adult classes will be 3 hours long, once per week.  I prefer 3 hours because you lose time with everyone getting set up in the beginning and cleaning up at the end.  Also, I intend to do a brief presentation or demo at the beginning of each class to discuss that day’s topic.  The net result would be that you’d have at least 2of those 3 hours to do productive art work on your own and apply that day’s lesson.  Some days will involve defined exercises but most days will be your choice for subject matter to paint.
  3. Rates will be $45/session for drop-ins.  Prepaying for the 12 week session would be $399 (a $141 discount off of drop-in rates).
  4. Rates stated above don’t include materials.  If you’d like to avoid investing in your own materials (for drop-ins, for example), I’d be happy to provide them for a $10/session materials fee.
  5. If you’d like to invest in  your own materials (recommended for those who will do more than occasionally drop in), I will provide a materials list.


These were the popular responses for those who wanted adult lessons, along with the number of voters.
I had some people ask if their teens could join them in the adult classes. I'm totally OK with this but I wanted to see if it would be a deal-breaker for anyone. If we have the interest, I'd like to have one adult class weekday mornings while kids are at school and another adult class on weekends where older teens could join.
Please provide your email so I can get back to you soon.
Optionally let me know what to call you 🙂